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Rubber Check Race

Date: Aug 05, 2018
Returning for its second year!
This exciting relay event involves two horses, a four-wheeler, a wheelbarrow, and four team members racing against the clock… and then team against team! The Rubber Check Race will take place on Saturday August 10th at 6:00pm in the arena at Archer.

This year the Rubber Check Race will be a FREE Event!

Rubber Check Race:

1.First horseback rider completes one full lap and delivers Rubber Check (baton) to second rider.

2.Second horseback rider rides to the east barrier line, rider must be dismounted and free from first before crossing the east barrier line, runs to ATV and hands off Rubber Check.

3.ATV makes 1.5 laps and stops in designated area, dismounts, and gets into wheelbarrow.

4.Wheelbarrow driver pushes the wheelbarrow and ATV driver across the infield to finish line. Pusher must hold onto the wheelbarrow at the finish line.

Team Entry Information:

Entries Open July 1st, 2019

$50.00 Team Entry Fee
Rick Fisher
(308) 225-2077

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Justin Smith (307) 214-5429

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