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Livestock Policies

Laramie County Policy for Livestock at The Archer Complex (AC)

Compliance with these provisions are a condition imposed on the use of AC facilities.

The health and safety of animals and people in Laramie County are a priority for Laramie County Government. These provisions are intended to promote and protect both.

Livestock owners, those with care and custody of livestock at the AC, and event producers are ultimately responsible for the health and wellbeing of the animals at the AC. Neither Laramie County nor the Laramie County Event Staff has any responsibility for the control or prevention of contagious, infectious, or reportable diseases.

It is the responsibility of livestock owners and/or those exercising, care and custody of livestock, and event producers to police themselves regarding proper paperwork, blood tests, and health certificates as well as the prevention of contagious, infectious, and reportable diseases.

All animals coming onto the AC for a multi-animal event, are to be inspected for clinical signs of contagious, infectious, or reportable diseases by either a licensed and accredited veterinarian or a person qualified and experienced to perform such inspections. If a lay person is used for such inspections, a licensed and accredited veterinarian must be available to make the final call on animals of questionable health or having questionable clinical signs.

It is the responsibility of the event producer to make available the above inspector.

All livestock owners, and/or those exercising care and custody of livestock, and event producers are to abide by the rules of the Wyoming Livestock Board (WLSB) and follow any requirements of the Board. If a health certificate is required by the WLSB for out of state livestock, the event producer or their agent is required to check for the validity of that certificate. In the event that an animal does not have the required, current health certificate, that animal is not allowed to be taken out of the trailer and the owner of that animal must immediately remove that animal from the AC. Any such animals and owners must be reported to the WLSB as soon as practically possible.

Records and evidence of compliance with the foregoing may be requested by Laramie County at any time. Failure to comply with these provisions may result in termination of any agreement regarding use of AC facilities. Decisions in regard to such termination may be made in the complete discretion of the Laramie County Events Director or his designee and such termination may be immediate and require removal of any and all livestock and other materials from AC property. Such termination Laramie County has the right to implement additional rules as it deems necessary for the health and safety of the people and livestock of Laramie County.

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