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Rules & Regulations

2019 Proposed Rule Changes


The 2018 Rules & Regulations were presented to the Fair Board and public on January 8th, 2018. They were available for a 45 day Public Comment period and were approved on March 5, 2018. Please see the approved Rules and Regulations below:

The Laramie County Fair Board welcomes you to the 2018 Laramie County Fair- “Let the Good Times Grow”. We encourage you to participate in this year’s events. Please note: All NEW rules and information are noted in RED throughout the book. Read carefully.


    1. General
      1. The Laramie County Fair Board reserves the final and absolute right to interpret general rules and regulations and arbitrarily settle and determine matters and differences that may arise.
      2. The Laramie County Fair is a member of the International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE) who supports the IAFE National Code of Show Ring Ethics. It is the exhibitors’ responsibility to read, understand, and comply with the IAFE National Code of Ethics. A full description of the IAFE National Code of Ethics is located at or
      3. All shows are open for public viewing.
      4. Special rules are published in each department and division where necessary.If there is a conflict between the special rules of any department and division and the General Rules and Regulations of the Laramie County Fair, the General Rules and Regulations of the Laramie County Fair will govern. Refer to individual Departments and Divisions for special rules and regulations.
      5. By making entry to the Laramie County Fair each exhibitor, exhibitor’s parent(s) and legal guardian acknowledge that he/she has read, understands, accepts and will abide by the liability requirements and all policies, rules and regulations of the Laramie County Fair.
      6. 4-H Educators and FFA Advisors are responsible for administering and assuring all exhibitors are complying with all rules, policies and regulations of their respective organizations as well as the Laramie County Fair.
    2. Liability Statements
      1. All exhibitors and exhibits must comply with the policies and regulations of the Laramie County Fair. The Laramie County Fair Board, Employees, agents, elected and appointed officials will in no case be liable or responsible for any loss or damage that may occur to or with any exhibit. Each exhibitor shall indemnify the Laramie County Fair Board, Employees, agents, elected and appointed officials against all legal or other proceedings in regards thereto, as well as damage, injury or loss to any other person or property, caused by the exhibitor, or any other person or property, or any of the animals exhibited by him/her, or arising out of, or in any way connected with, such exhibition of any of the animals so exhibited.
      2. I hereby acknowledge that engaging in activities in connection and association with the programs, events and activities of the Laramie County Fair carries an inherent risk of injury, property damage and financial loss, including, but not limited to, physical, financial risks and risks to property. I also acknowledge and understand that the Laramie County Fair makes no representations, guarantees, assurances or warranties for safety, function or my continued participation, in regard to its actions, plans, work, activities, events, equipment or supplies.In full acknowledgment of the inherent risks my request to participate is hereby consented.Further I do hereby, for myself, my heirs, personal representatives and assigns release and discharge the Laramie County Fair, Laramie County and/or any of their elected officials, employees, agents, volunteers and their successors and assigns from all actions, causes of action, damages, claims or demands both direct and consequential, for all known or unknown personal injuries, property damage or financial loss resulting from or arising out of, or in connection with, my request to participate in events, activities, programs or other actions in association with or at the direction of the Laramie County Fair.I certify and warrant that I have read and fully understand the foregoing Release.Further, I am REQUESTING TO PARTICIPATE AND RELEASING OF LIABILITY, freely, voluntarily and without coercion and in consideration of the opportunity to participate in activities of the Laramie County Fair and other good and valuable consideration. I further certify that I am 18 years of age or older.If I am a minor, my parent or guardian, fully participates in and acknowledges the contents and effect of this waiver and release on my behalf.
      3. All fair participants including but not limited to exhibitors, spectators, vendors, entertainers, superintendents, etc. causing property damage will be responsible to the injured party either by paying for any and all damages directly to the injured party or by paying subrogation claim made by the injured party’s insurance company.
    3. Protests
      1. A $50.00 non-refundable fee is required to protest decisions made at the Fair.
      2. Official written rules, regulations and policies may not be protested during Fair.
      3. All protests must be submitted in writing to the Laramie County Fair Office, be signed by the protestor(s) and be accompanied by the $50.00 non-refundable fee.
      4. The written protest must state the cause of the complaint or appeal and must be delivered immediately upon the occasion for the protest.
      5. All protests will be resolved by a representative of each respective show. A 4-H Educator will resolve protests associated with all 4-H Division Shows, a FFA Advisor will resolve protests associated with all FFA Division Shows, and the Fair Manager will resolve protests associated with all youth, open class, and contest Division Shows.
      6. The decision by 4-H Educators, FFA Advisors, or the Fair Manager shall be final. The 4-H Educator, FFA Advisor, or Fair Manager may allow interested parties to present arguments for and against the protest, as time and logistics permit.
      7. Judges may exercise their discretion in the application and implementation of applicable rules and guidelines, and such discretionary decisions by Judges may not be protested.
    1. Arrival/Departure of Entries
      1. All exhibits must be in place for inspection by the public and/or judges in accordance with the Fair schedule published within this book.
      2. All livestock exhibits will be released the last Saturday immediately following the 4-H Sale.
      3. Removing an exhibit prior to release time without permission of the Fair Board will result in forfeiture of all premiums and may preclude future exhibiting privileges.
      4. Exhibition Hall exhibits will be released the last Saturday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.
      5. The Fair Board, Staff or Superintendents will not be responsible for items left or not picked up at the designated times.
    2. Entries
      1. Each FFA, 4-H, Open Class, Fair Fun static (non-animal) and animal exhibit in the Fair must have an entry listing on the correct official paper entry form or online.
      2. All exhibitors, 4-H Clubs and FFA Chapters must have a completed exhibitor profile in ShoWorks entered by the exhibitor online or by submitting a paper entry form by the entry deadline in order to enter a class, show or contest and to receive premiums and awards.
      3. Official Fair entry forms and online entry are available at . Paper entry forms may be scanned and emailed to , faxed to 634-4511, mailed to 3967 Archer Parkway, Cheyenne, WY 82009.
      4. Late entries will be accepted July 1st thru July 15th on a paper entry form with a $25.00 late entry fee per exhibitor to the Fair Office. The late entry fee of $25.00 will apply to all entries postmarked after June 30th. The Fair office is not responsible for mailed entries that do not arrive by the entry deadline. The $25.00 late entry fee is nonrefundable and non-negotiable.
      5. Only entries considered hardship will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Fair Board after July 15th.
      6. All open class static entries are limited to Laramie County Residents. All 4-H and FFA entries are limited to Laramie County 4-H members and Laramie County FFA Chapter members.
      7. Exhibits must be the handiwork of the exhibitor and must not have been previously shown at the Laramie County Fair.
      8. Only entry corrections will be done during the designated entry tag pickup dates and times and no additional entries will be accepted.
      9. The late entry policy does not apply to the Lamb, Goat, Hog and Heifer Jackpots.
    3. Premiums and Awards
      1. No trophy will be awarded or sponsored by any individual or group without the permission of the Laramie County Fair Board.
      2. Premiums and awards will only be awarded to exhibitors, 4-H Clubs and FFA Chapters that have a completed exhibitor profile and official entry in ShoWorks either entered by the exhibitor online or by submitting a paper entry form by the entry deadline.
      3. Judges will not award prizes to any unworthy exhibit. It is the intention of the Fair Board that no premium or distinction of any kind be given to any animal or article that is not deserving. The rule will be adhered to whether or not there is competition. The awarding of a trophy for those classes so designated is at the discretion of the judge of that class. When there are fewer than three exhibits in any class, some classes can be combined and the judge will award whatever placing the exhibits deserve on the basis of quality. When there is no competition between exhibitors in a class, only one award will be given. No exhibit will be eligible for more than one premium in any one class.
      4. No premium shall be awarded, nor will any premium be paid on any animal or article not mentioned or classified in this premium list.
      5. Premium Disputes: September 30 of the current exhibiting year, is the deadline for reporting any errors in a premium check or for a check not having been received by the exhibitor. No changes will be made nor checks issued after September 30.Premiums are paid based on placement on official Judging Sheets, not ribbons received.
      6. Premium checks will be made payable to the exhibitor name designated on the entry form and mailed to the address provided by the exhibitor. Exhibitors are responsible for notifying the Fair Office of any change to the exhibitors mailing address.
      7. Exhibitors who receive premiums above the reporting limits set by the IRS will be required to complete a W-9 prior to receiving their premium check.A Form 1099-MISC will be mailed to you for your taxes.
      8. If multiple entries are submitted in departments, divisions and/or classes that only allow one entry then the highest placement will be paid a premium and all others will be disqualified from a premium payment.
      9. Premium checks must be redeemed by December 31st of current fair year to avoid forfeiture.
      10. All exhibitors requesting consideration for adjustment of a premium must submit their request online or by mail on a premium adjustment request form. Mailed premium adjustments must be post marked by September 30th of current year.Neither adjustment requests nor reissue of unreceived checks will be considered after September 30th of current year.Requests made by phone will not be accepted.
    4. Animal and Livestock Policy
      1. All livestock are required to pass Vet inspection before unloading animals on grounds.
      2. Any animal ineligible to show may not remain on the fairgrounds.
      3. All vet decisions are final and may not be protested.
      4. All market animals will enter in the appropriate Market Animal Division. 4-H and FFA designations, breeds and weights will be determined at the final weigh-in.Each market animal exhibiting/showing must have an entry in ShoWorks and the correct ear tag number listed.
      5. All livestock will be checked in by the barn superintendent and assigned stalls. No animal will be stalled without first checking with the barn superintendent. Closing time for check-in and weigh-in in all livestock areas will be in accordance with the Fair schedule.
      6. No livestock will be re-weighed.
      7. 4-H and FFA exhibitors are responsible for complying with all State Brand Laws and all Wyoming animal health laws. Exhibitors must be in possession of proof of ownership at all times during the Fair.
      8. No animal or exhibit may be entered by more than one exhibitor within any given year.
      9. No animal or exhibit may be shown in both FFA and 4-H within any given year.
      10. No animal can be shown in Market and Breeding in the same year.
      11. Born & Raised Youth Show animals must be pre-entered. Born & Raised Youth Show determination WILL NOT be done at the scale.
      12. All lambs entering the Lamb Ultrasound Contest must be weighed at the Archer Fairgrounds on the designated calendar dates.
      13. The 4-H Grand Champion and Reserve Market Beef, Sheep, Swine and Goat will compete against the FFA Grand Champion Market Beef, Sheep, Swine and Goat for the combined 4-H/FFA Grand Champion Trophy.
      14. Any animal exhibited in the 4-H or FFA Divisions must have been owned by the exhibitor on or before the date specified in department rules.
      15. In the interest of ensuring the maximum possible fire protection rating, the Laramie County Fair Board will require wood shavings as the primary bedding material for animals exhibited at the Laramie County Fair.Poultry and rabbits without trays at the bottom of the cage must have bedding on the ground under the cage.However, because of special health considerations, ONLY Dairy Goats and Breeding Sheep will be permitted to use the bedding material of their choice.All other animals will be bedded on wood shavings.While the Laramie County Fair does provide some bedding, exhibitors need to provide additional bedding if the bedding that is provided is not sufficient.
      16. All livestock must be kept in assigned stall areas while on the fairgrounds. Stall cards for all livestock, poultry, and rabbit exhibits must be in place and properly filled out. Replacement cards will be made available for those that have become torn or soiled. Failure to abide by this policy will result in forfeiture of premiums.
      17. Cattle must be tied out at night in provided tie out stalls or remain in the barn.
    5. Laramie County Fair Fitting and Grooming Policy
      1. Exhibitors must accompany, care for, and exhibit their own livestock. An Exhibitor is expected to take care of and groom/fit their own animal. However, in the interest of safety and education, a youth member may be assisted both at home and at the Laramie County Fair by a bona-fide Laramie County 4H or FFA Member. Assistance is defined as a learning situation where the person doing the assisting is educating the youth member as to the technique in fitting and showing. This person is allowed only to show the youth member the proper skill or technique/skill required. The exhibitor is expected to be present and to perform the majority of each technique/skill required. Violations of this rule must be reported to the Superintendent before the animal enters the ring. A decision by the specified department will be made before the animal is allowed to enter the ring. If a youth member is found to be in violation of the fitting policy, he or she may be disqualified from competition in any Division, including Showmanship Contests.
    6. Camping
      1. Camp Space Reservations will be available beginning June 1st from 8:00 AM-4:00 PM Monday thru Friday at the Fair Office.
      2. Camp space fee is $50.00 per space per unit for the week of fair. Check or cash only.Exact amount required.
      3. The $50.00 fee must accompany reservation form in order to reserve space.
      4. Campers and RV’s are required to stay within designated camp space. Pop outs cannot extend past assigned camp space.
      5. No mailed or phone reservations will be accepted.
      6. Campers are responsible for any damages or waste left in camper spaces.
      7. Unsightly or damaged spaces may result in cancellation of reservation for the following year.
      8. There will be no spaces available until the first Saturday of fair.Please do not arrive before this time.
      9. No camping will be allowed on the grounds unless proper health and fire regulations are met.
      10. NO juvenile camps will be permitted. Each campsite must be supervised at all times by an adult (age 21 & over).
      11. Self-contained units will be allowed to remain in the park providing no waste material is expelled from the unit. Campers who do not have waste facilities will be allowed, provided all trash and debris are disposed of in barrels located around the park, and restrooms facilities are used.
      12. ABSOLUTELY NO TENTS will be allowed to be set up on the grounds under any circumstances.
      13. Your assistance in meeting city fire and health codes is requested.
    7. Driving-Fire-Health-Safety Rules for Frontier Park
      1. Certain fire lanes as posted must be kept open for minimum safety. No hay or grain can be stored in or within 25 feet of any wooden stall or barn. A 25 foot fire lane must be kept open directly in front of all barns and stalls, and trailer and camper units cannot be left in these areas without maintaining proper safe distance from fire lanes. Any electrical hook-up can only be made at properly designated electrically grounded units. The park will be patrolled daily by fire and health authorities. A warning will be issued and time given to correct deficiencies. A second notice will be cause for ejection from the park. No privately owned heavy equipment will be allowed on the grounds (i.e. tractors, loaders, etc.)
      2. Any electrical equipment used by an exhibitor at Laramie County Fair must be UL approved and meet City of Cheyenne electrical code.
      3. The road between the Beef Barn and the Swine Barn will be closed after weigh-in and will not be reopened until after the 4-H Sale on Saturday.
      4. For your safety as well as others-BICYCLES AND DOGS WILL ONLY BE ALLOWED IN DESIGNATED AREAS. NO DOGS OR BICYCLES IN LIVESTOCK BARNS OR EXHIBIT HALL.According to City Ordinance No. 1756 all dogs must be kept on a leash while on public property.
      5. No vehicles will be allowed in or around the barns between 8 am. Monday morning and the conclusion of the 4-H Sale on Saturday.
      6. Effective October 6, 2014 the Laramie County Fair Board has banned all public use of ATV’s (All-Terrain Vehicle), RUV’s (Recreational Utility Vehicle) and Golf Carts at Frontier Park with the exception of Fair Staff Official Use and Emergency Personnel.
      7. Curfew will be 10:30 p.m. on all nights.
      8. No alcohol allowed in the barns and limited to within 50’ of the campground
    8. Superintendents
      1. Barn and Division Superintendents, as Laramie County Fair representatives, shall have charge of the department assigned to them.The Superintendent will have responsibility of the stalls, pens, or display spaces in their department.Arrangement of pens, stalls, and exhibit space will be under their supervision.It shall be the duty of each Superintendent to inform the judges, in their department, of the policies governing the shows and awards before judging begins.Each Superintendent is responsible with caring for and posting the judging books of their department.They must see that all placings and awards are duly and properly entered and awarded.It is the responsibility of the Superintendent to insure that upon completion of the show/contest that the original judging book is immediately submitted to the Fair Office.
    9. Herdsmanship
      1. Herdsmanship is a competition for how well exhibitors care for and present their animals to the general public during fair.This is directly related to public perception of animal care and gives owners the chance to educate people about the animals.All animal exhibitors are automatically entered and judged in this division.

2018 FFA & 4-H Rules

Entry tags can be picked up July 23th, 24th, 26th, and 27th from 8:00am-4:00pm at the Fair Office at 3967 Archer Parkway, Cheyenne, WY 82009.NO PICK UP ON JULY 25TH.Only entry corrections will be done July 23th, 24th, 26th and 27th.No additional entries will be accepted.If you are unable to pick up your tags during this time, entry tags will be available for pick up at the Exhibit Hall starting on Thursday August 2nd.

IAFE Code of Show Ring Ethics

The Laramie County Fair is a member of the International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE) who supports the IAFE Code of Show Ring Ethics. It is the exhibitor's responsibility to read, understand and comply with the IAFE Code of Ethics. The full description is available below.
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